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Zvex woolly mammoth clone


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This is a clone of a zvex woolly mammoth. I found the schematic online, and decided I'd give it a try.


Well, I liked it so much that I decided to pay respect and buy the real thing... so I'm going to offer this up for about the cost it took to build it.


The 'pinch' is an internal trimmer.


Gain, volume, and EQ are all on the outside. EQ doesn't seem to do much at all, very very little variation. It sounds great though... from a very '60s sounding vibe to full on big muff territory, all with a bit more 'wool'.


Has 9v tap, blue LED, true-bypass... all high quality components. Asking $60 .






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havent built it yet lol I was indicating that I'm going to build one seeing as I want one so bad.

what kind of engineering and where?

Robotics @ WPI for me

I'm an ME at WVU, I've taken a few electrical courses(not many!). I've actually got most of the stuff for the super hard on, I may have to get the rest and try to slap it together. Robotics sounds cool:thu:.

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