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Used Boss VB-2...


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So, I just purchased this off of evilbay and it is a wonderful pedal. Unfortunately, my car was just slammed and insurance companies suck...so money is something I need...:cry:.


It's a Boss VB-2 in playable, fair condition. It is certainly not pristine with a box to put on a shelf. That being said it is in perfectly fine working order and very nice cosmetically. There are a few scratches, residue on bottom, and paint on knobs to help see the settings on board (actually really helps), but really it is quiet good for age and rarity (has sticker on bottom intact and paint is pretty decent).


I'm looking to get 295 paypal'd and shipped. PM me if interested or you need photos of actual pedal (provide email for me to send them to you).





I can email picture of the actual pedal (top, bottom, etc.), but I don't have them posted online...so just PM me.


Thanks and peace,


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