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Akai G-Drive, Protone Boom Box


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Akai G-Drive


Very rare. It is an incredible pedal, with a huge range of sounds. Can be set for boost, drive, distortion, fuzz. The bottom row of sliders controls the input signal, then signal hits the drive circuit, then top row controls the overall output voicing.


I searched for one of these for a long time, and now I realize its a lot more than I need.


The only issues are that it's missing one slider tip (top right) and has velcro on the back. Otherwise, it's extremely clean, and works flawlessly.


$125 shipped







Protone Boom Box


Parametric EQ/Booster, with mid-shift (the red knob). Discontinued, pretty rare.


$75 shipped




Shipping prices for CONUS, international shipping considered for extra. Feel free to make trade offers for weird boost/drive/fuzzes, but mostly looking for cash.

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