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Pedals: Buying, Selling, Trading...


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Here is what I have:


-VOX Dual OVerdrive ($175)

-Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive w/Keeley Mod ($155)

-Dunlop Fuzz Face ($100)

-Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box w/ talk tube and mic ($65)

-Moog Expression Pedal ($30)

-Electro Harmonix Micro Synth ($240)


Here is what I want:


-Fulltone Soul Bender

-Lovepedal Super 6

-Honey Bee Overdrive

-TS808 w/Keeley Mod

-Analogman King of Tone v.4

-Ethos Overdrive

-Goodrich L-10K Volume Pedal

-BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer

-Gibson Goldtone GA-15RV



All items are in mint, near mint, or good condition. They have been cared for and have only seen personal studio use, never gigging. I would prefer to trade, so please make me an offer. PM me with any questions.

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