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FS - Turbo Rat, Ibanez CF7, Attenuator


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For Sale (Trades, not so much but I won't rule it out)

prices are shipped CONUS and paypal'd



ProCo Turbo Rat SOLD! -exc cond, has writing on the back "amp" and "Guit" for respective plugs. Also had a name engraved on the side that was later painted over...no structural or internal issues known



Ibanez CF7 $35 - neat pedal but I already have two other chorus and a flanger, got this one as a bonus with a DE7 but just want the DE7. No issues known


Tubejuice Attenuator w/adapter SOLD ! - got this new 4-5 months ago, used it a two or three times with my Mesa Subway (it REALLY helps when the wife and child are int the house!) but got an Orange Tiny Terror that I play more on low watts. The attenuator is the MAX 50 for 8 ohms. The "Tubejuice" sticker on top is a little smudged but no issues besides that. Check these out with research...new they're $85 plus shipping and they're an awesome alternative to a hotplate or powerbrake!



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