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Very rare Vintage Ibanez GE100 graphic EQ for sale


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Very rare vintage Ibanez GE100 graphic EQ



listed on eBay:



100% original, right down to the mains cable and box! Not strictly a pedal, but this is a 1970s Ibanez First Series (made by Maxon). A very powerful EQ unit. 10-band graphics are all the rage at the moment with metal guitarists to perfectly shape their heavy "scooped-mids" sounds. But this unit is also famously used by DJs for creating intense filtering effects or just massive bass. The applications of EQ are obviously pretty much endless.


I expect this might be purchased as a collectors item, but it really works well so if you buy it USE it!! Sculpt your tone.




Spec info here: http://filters.muziq.be/model/ibanez/first/ge100






It's in great condition with no damage at all, and 100% working, and has been much loved and well cared for! But I'm using rack stuff now so it's not practical for me anymore.


Cheers for reading,


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