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A Few pedals DOD 440 and DC Brick for sale


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Hi. I have a few pedals for sale, and they are as follows:

1) DOD 440 Envelope Filter. The green one. johnny greenwood, yatta yatta.

excellent condition, works flawlessly. sounds killer. 275$ + shipping.

2) Rocktron Banshee Talk Box, near mint in box with manual, ac and tube. Exc shape, works flawlessly. 110$ + shipping.

3) Heil Dunlop Talkbox, near mint, includes ac and manual, but no tube. 90$ + shipping.

4) 70's electro-harmonix Dr Q. Real vintage one in excellent, very clean condition. Includes original box and manual as well, rare find in this shape with it's stuff. 110$ + shipping.

5) Dunlop DC Brick Juice Box Power Supply. This is the orange one, earlier version, but exactly the same as the currrent dc brick feature wise. Includes non-original 9V adaptor - and 8 power cables. powers 7 9 V pedals as it comes, but if you want to power 18V pedals, up to three, you will need an 18V PS. Great shape, works great. 60$ + shipping.

6) 1977 Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pie. All original, pots date it to 77. sounds incredible, exc very clean shape. 175$ + shipping.

Please note that I have years of experience with shipping and online transactions. I only can accept paypal payments at this time, and ONLY from confirmed paypal users. I am sorry, but -if you are not confirmed, I can't accept your paypal. I am confirmed and verified. photos to come, or message me and i can email you some...cheers! I will ship anywhere as long as it is confirmed! Please don't email me with low-ball offers - I have collected effects for years and these are from my personal collection. I can ship however you want. -Jim

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