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FT/S: Triple Recto, Ibanez RG5EX1, Dean Razorback


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-Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier 3 ch + a Hard Shell Case: Mesa Roadster Head or $1200 + shipping. Tri Rec is in pretty good condition. Some scuffs on the tolex and faceplate, but nothing too noticable. Has brand new pre and power amp tubes (KT77's) from DougsTubes.com, or I can ship it with some stock mesa tubes (6L6's). HSC is in great condition, but has a band name painted on it. Footswitch's FX button doesn't work, but is fine otherwise (never had a need for that button).


-Ibanez RG5EX1: Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR or $250 + shipping. Ibanez comes with Dimarzio, Tone Zone, Blue Velvet, and PAF Pro pickups. I can also send the original Ibanez pickups. Has some wear on the hardware. I just replaced the trem screws and the nut locks, but i don't have the trem bar (never got one actually). Schecter should be the Red Quilt maple version with EMG's


-Dean Razorback Shards: LTD Alexi-600 or $600 + shipping. In great condition, but needs an intonation job. Comes with an original case, all hardware, and tools. If you have an Alexi-600 with a Blackout or real EMG, I will love you. I have tons of pics of this guitar.



I will obviously add money to whatever trade mentioned above.




-Line 6 Spider II 2x12: $100 + shipping. some scuffs on tolex again, has seen the least gigging.


-BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i: $ 125 + shipping. very minor rack rash


CONUS only

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