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Zvex SHO, Line 6 MM4, Pedalboard, fishman


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I am relisting this as the old thread title no longer acurately described what i was selling. Hopefully some mod can delete my old listing.... i can't figure out how to do it here. i'm a TGP'er at heart. Here are updated prices, i need to move this stuff.... make me an offer if you are interested, and we can talk.


Line 6 MM4 - used well, but works perfectly. i got this on Ebay a while back, no box, missing battery cover. been using it a lot, but really just for the tremolo, so want to save some board space. includes 1 spot adapter so you can power it with any 9v supply. SOLD thanks Geoff!


Zvex SHO- Blue color, very rare. From 2000. Has been modded with a red LED indicator by Zach, i didn't touch the insides. signature to prove it. will ship with the original bottom and a power plate (which is what i'm using now). $SOLD


24x24 pro quality pedalboard - i picked this up and have used it a few times, but honestly, i need a smaller board for when i'm singing... i had everything routed on here real nice. TONS of space. has an ATA case that is painted orange, movable risers. Its made by a company called 'get off my case' co. out of Indiana. these retail for $350+. this one is in great working shape, i've replaced the velcro, and it might need done again. I'm willing to order new carpet and install if it sells. $150 shippedhttp://charleston.craigslist.org/msg/645207820.html another pic....


Fishman Neo accoustic pickup- i have had this thing for years. i used to use it in college as a backup (and my buddy used it on his taylor 110 for a while). it is a great sounding pickup. used, but works great. the box has seen better days (as i had it squished into my acoustic case). $sold


Looking for (trades)

Fulltone Ultimate Octave (pref black knobs)

Boss PS-3

Beat Japan DS1

Trailer Trash Board (preferably black SC, 16x18)



Ernie Ball JR 250k (don't need, but could use)

A nice leather strap for my Tele



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