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WTB: Good compressor


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I have a CMATMODS Sigma Comp 3 knob compressor. A really nice unit comparable to Keeley. I had a MXR and it was quite noisey. I've attached the reviews from mulitple people from Harmony Central. $95 shipped to the US and it's yours.









Looking for a MXR ideally, but let me know what you have! Thanks.


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I have a Boss CS-3 with the Monte Allums Opto Plus Mod. It's a very nice compresror - $100 shipped, paypal OK.

See the summary below:




Monte Allums Boss CS-3 Mod


Ease of Use 8.7 (15 responses)

Sound Quality 9.7 (18 responses)

Reliability 9.8 (13 responses)

Customer Support 9.8 (17 responses)

Overall Rating 9.9 (17 responses)

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