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Pedals For Sale! or Trade!


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Hey there I am currently trying to get rid of my gear and get new gear. All my gear is in perfect working order and have barely ever been used!


Heres My gear:


Boss Tremolo (Tr-2)

Boss Overdrive/ Distortion (Os-2)

Boss Super Overdrive (Sd-1)

Vox Bull Dog Distortion

Marshall Jackhammer

Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face (Pending)

Cry Baby Wah Pedal (Original)

Big Muff (Usa) (Pending)

Line 6 Uber Metal


Heres the Gear I want:


Tc Electronic G Major

Boss DD5

Crunch Box Distortion

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Boss Rv3

Holy Grail

Laney VC50 combo

Marshall Shred Master

Core Pedal Case

Dimarzio 2inch wide strap

Ibanez PGM301



Make Me an Offer and Il consider it!


Pm Me if Interested

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Line 6 DM4 for the TR-2 and the Cry baby? (the DM4's pedal switchs were replaced a few months ago so no problem on the dear ole' "switch is sticky" story)

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