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(2) Rane PE15 (PE-15) Semi-Parametric EQ's $175/bo PHL area


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** Verizon online customers - send phone # or alternate (non-verizon) email address if you want a reply.


Asking $175/bo for 2 Rane PE-15 rackmount EQ's


Local Philadelphia area sale desired, send location.


These are the good old school ones with the 120v A/C plug - no wall warts!


Initial testing with 1/4" jacks reveals both work as expected (all buttons, lights, functions etc). with one exception:


The 'b' unit that has the 'ground lift' option on back seems to have some air or noise when enabled. Perhaps it just needs a cap replaced, not certain.


I plan (eventually) to test with the XLR connections to see if there is any difference. (ground lift doesn't affect the 1/4 jacks as far as i am aware).


Note version difference as shown via graphic on right side rack ear, ground lift option on back of 'b' unit.



Also possibly available:

M/B V-twin rackmount

Traynor YVM-1 (EL-34)

Sabine RT-1601 rack tuner


2ch Behringer 'vintager' series 2space "TUBE ULTRA-Q T1951"

e.g. http://www.behringer.com/T1951/index.cfm?lang=eng


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