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FS/FT: EHX, Digitech, MXR, Mosfet, BR2, Aphex, Boss, Electronix, Guttermouth


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Prices are shipped. If you buy more than 1 pedal, take $5 off for each extra you get.


I took this out, played it for 10 minutes, and boxed it back up.


$75 shipped.




Aphex Bass Xciter - $65

Boss BF-3 Flanger (boxed) -$70

Boss PSM-5 Master Power Supply (w/ AC adapter) - $25

Digitech Bass Multi Chorus - $55

Digitech Multi Chorus - $60

EHX Nano Clone (boxed) - $40

Guttermouth Electronics Doom Fuzz - $90 (blue pedal bottom right)

MXR Double Shot (boxed) - $70

*TRADED* Aphex Punch Factory - $60

*SOLD* Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus (boxed) - $50

*TRADED* EHX Big Muff (boxed) - $50

*SOLD* EHX Dr Q (boxed) - $50

*TRADED* EHX Small Stone (boxed) - $55

*TRADED* Electronix Messdrive - $65

*SOLD/TRADED* Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet (boxed) - $160

*SOLD* Guyatone BR2 - $90

*SOLD* MXR Distortion+ - $50

*TRADED* MXR Phase 100 - $90


You can hear the Doom Fuzz in action at this link right here. It's amazing pedal, and the only reason I'm selling it is because I am ordering a new custom one with 4 more knobs and can't afford to have a $90 pedal laying around :bassist:


What I am specifically looking to trade for is in my signature, but feel free to offer anything. I will also be adding misc pedals all week, so check back.


WANTED: PJ Reverend (that isn't black), Ampeg head, voodoo chorus, electronix submarine (MK3), Kustom or EBS anything, electronic drum kit, morley dual bass wah, octaver



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Updated listing.

any trade?i'm thinking about your distortion + and digitech multi chorus

Well the Distortion+ is sold, but there are other distortions on there. Feel free to shoot an offer of what you have :thu:

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can you deliver to australia? if so can you do the psm-5?

I'm willing to ship if you're willing to pay. I recently quoted another aussy for a different pedal and it came out to $25 for "who knows when it's gonna get there" delivery, or $35 for "6-10 days priority mail".

Not that I'm trying to deter the sell, but are you sure you want to spend that much on a friggin PSM-5 :confused: If you want it though, I'll happily do it :thu:

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