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** Pinnacle OD/Distortion pedal - Wampler/IndyGuitarist **


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$$ SOLD $$

Pinnacle OD/Distortion pedal from Brian Wampler (IndyGuitarist). MINT CONDITION, not a mark on it. Beautiful red sparkle gloss paint that camera does not do justice to. This is the third generation (previously Pinnacle2) in the smaller footprint pedal to conserve precious pedalboard space.


This pedal has 4 knobs -- two separate tone controls that act as a sort of parametric EQ, gain and volume. It also has a 'bright' switch that adds a ton of variety and is very handy when playing a dark sounding amp. It is completely true bypass, of course, and includes a 9v "boss style" power jack and battery connection..


* Boost switch alters gain structure to take it from overdrive to distortion.

* Higher gain, smoother clipping, eq is more tweakable. Can do scooped mids to 'honky' mids to lofi.

*High boost switch for using with amps that are not very bright and sparkly clean.

* Beautiful Red Sparkle gloss paint job, white Knobs

* True Bypass

* 9 volt battery connection and power jack (boss style)

* 3.5" x 4.5"

* Jfet (mu-amp) type circuitry









More info a clips:



email or PM me for more high resolution pics....

$$ SOLD $$

Sells for $199 new direct, and this one sold on eBay in April for $185 to previous owner.

$$ SOLD $$

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