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Boutique Tap Tempo for sale!


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Custom Boutique Tap Tempo Pedal $22 Shipped


This is a neccesary tool for playing music live. I hand build these tap tempo pedals for many people and they are selling like hotcakes! I literally can hardly keep up with demand, so each pedal will be built as it is bought. These are in solid alluminum hammond casings, with high quality stomp switches and jacks.

The pedal measurements are 1" high, 1.5" wide, 2" long, it doesn't get much smaller than this! Here's what some new friends who have bough it are saying:



Got the tap tempo today. It's fantastic - built like a tank and even smaller than Loop Master's! Thanks for the quick shipping!

Jeff in TX


Got the hammond box tempo this afternoon, and it looks great! Thanks again,

Adam in OR


Got it! Brilliant! It's even smaller than Loop Master's unit. This will free up some valuable real estate on my board - thanks.


"My mini tap works great! Sleek little hammond case and less than 1/4 of the size of the F5-SU (yet still stays flat on my board when I step on it). F5-SU is off to ebay!" ~ARch from TGP


Great eBayer, very friendly and awesome build quality!!!


I have been contacted by many to do custom work, feel free! I can put 2 outputs in the same enclosure (for synching 2 delays, IE a DD7 and a DD20, or a PH3 and a DD5: thats what i do, synch my dd5 and ph3) for $35.

I have 100% positive feedback buying and selling guitar gear on ebay, and have had multiple successful transactions on craigslist, TGP, Bwacks forum and harmony central. if you have questions ask. I hand build and test each of these multiple times, they will work with all standard boss delays and most others. I DO NOT add polarity switches, as they are expensive and there isn't much room inside for them, but i can switch polarity on them if you know what you need for your pedal. I also do custom loopers and theremins, contact me if you are interested!

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