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Tons of pedals for sale!


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Boss GEB-7 - Bass Equalizer - 40$


Boss CE-5 - Chorus Ensemble - 45$


Boss FV300L Stereo Volume and expression pedal - 65$ OBO


DOD Stereo Flanger FX 75-B - 20$


Digitech PDS 1002 Two second digital delay - SOLD pending payment

Crybaby Bass (the white one) - SOLD

Vox Wah-Wah Model V847 - SOLD

Crybaby Wah Pedal Model GCB95 - (poor cosmetic condition - but totally functional) SOLD Pending Payment

Apollo Fuzz/Wah - SOLD

Mister Crybaby Super - 40$ - SOLD PENDING

Zoom 9030 Guitar effect processor - 65$ - SOLD PENDING

Line 6 Pod 2.0 - 65$ SOLD

Line 6 MM4 - Modulation Modeler - 140$ (trade in process)

Digitech PDS 2000 Two second digital sampler - SOLD

Boss RPD-10 Panning Delay MIJ - 70$ (Rackmount) SOLD


All prices are shipped. I will consider trades for everything. Let me know what you got. :thu:

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65$ish shipped? One nice thing about it too, is that knob allows you to set the bottom end at a certain volume or effect level, so you have more control over what range you're effecting..

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