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FS: Barber DD, Ernie Ball Volume, Digitech Chorus


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I'm sorry for the double post, but I wanted to change the title and add the volume pedal.


OK, I went on a pedal buying spree a month or so ago and now realize I can't afford an amp....LOL. I don't have a way to practice with those pedals unless I have an amp. The church I work at has a couple of nice amps, but I can't keep either one here at my house. So, I'm going back to a multi effects pedal. I bought a Tonelab LE and it will work great for my needs. Now I need to sell the rest of my pedals to pay for that Tonelab.


All prices include PayPal and shipping to CONUS. Pics coming later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Ernie Ball Jr Volume Pedal: $80, this is in MINT condition, virtually brand new. It is the passive model.


Barber Direct Drive: $100, absolute dead mint condition with box and instructions. I can take the velcro off the back if you want.


Digitech Multi Chorus: $40, Excellent condition w/velcro on back. Velcro can be removed.




If interested, PM me or email me at dwoodward00@cableone.net.

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