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WTT for Boss Looper


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I have the following pedals to trade

1. Fulltone Fulldrive 2 mosfet

2. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

3. 70's Ross Flanger

4. Early (non-dunlop) MXR flanger (like van halen's)

5. Dunlop UV-1 univibe and pedal to change it's speed

6. Blues Driver

7. Early non dunlop MXR dyna comp

8. MXR phase 90 modded to be script.

9. Vox Clyde Wah

10. Early (silver) Jekyll and Hyde overdrive and distortion

11. Boss DD-6 digital Delay

12. Boss CH-1 chorus

13. Boss NS-2 noise suppressor

14. BYOC big muff pi fuzz


I also have a laney aor pro-tube lead 100w all tube head.


I want a boss looper and i'd even trade my amp for an rc-50.

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The Boss Rc20XL and fs-5u were sent, and delivered, for the Full-drive and Visual Sound J&H.....which haven't come to me yet....any news?


I've sent PM's this week but no response....


Any one home???


Anyone else had dealings with this guy?

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this guy, defzeppardica, agreed to a trade on sunday 6/8 to ship stuff out on monday 6/9. I filled my end, stuff arrived last wednesday 6/11 according to tracking #. Haven't heard anything from him nor seen stuff for a week.....


He won't respond to PM's


when do I get pissed?

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still nothing.....


I know it's probably too late for me but just trying to draw attention to it so no one else gets ripped off



I have had NUMEROUS great transactions with a majority of HC'ers but now with this one I'll think twice with trading

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thanks for the idea, but HC is pretty non-Kosher about posting personal info, which I know is to cover their own butts legally


I don't want violence, but I do want this ass-clown to face reality. I've filed mail fraud and running slim on options, so any LEGAL ideas are welcome (not that I'm Johny Law, I just want to take the high road on this one)


that being said if there are any forumites from southern Florida wanting to take a road trip send me a pm.


I've had a lot of positive response so thanks to all the great HC'ers out there, you restore my faith in this forum

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