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FS: Budda Budwah and Indyguitarist Plexidrive


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Budda Budwah: Mint condition. Had a bad solder connection a few months ago but the guys at Budda fixed it and it's worked fine since. $120 shipped and PayPal'd.


Indyguitarist/Wampler Plexidrive: Excellent condition. Has a small ding at the bottom right corner. No battery jack but works fine with a standard Boss 9v. $100 shipped and PayPal'd.


I'm considering selling/trading my Monsterpiece Classic/Mk II and Hartman Treble Booster with OC76 transistors. Both are in mint condition. I'd like $120 shipped and PayPal'd for the Monsterpiece and $125 shipped and PayPal'd for the Hartman.


Not particularly interested in trades but let me know what you've got.


All items come from a smoking home but they've never been gigged.




The red circle shows the small ding on the Plexidrive.









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