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FS: Boss Pedals


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Line 6 MM4: 150$

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr: 75$

Boss Super Chorus: 55$

Boss Super Octave: 70$

Boss TU2 Pedal Tuner: 70$

Boss CS-3 Compressor: 60$

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus: 40$

Digitech X-Series Bass Synth Wah: 60$

Digitech Hot Head Distortion: 30$

Ibanez TS7: 35$

Roland Microcube: 75$

Alesis Quadraverb: 70$

Seymour Duncan JB(zebra): 40$

M-Audio OmniStudio I/O(w/delta66 pci card): 130$

Echo Indigo I/O Laptop Card: 115$

Brice 6 String Bass: 100$

Vox Wah(very squeaky and scratchy, good shell for project): 25$

Ibanez TS7(drive knob permanently stuck in the "in" position): 20$

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