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Pedals (Ibanez, Boss), Floor POD, and rack tuner


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Going through my pedal collection this last week, I found some that I no longer use. Great pedals, but I've been using others and playing less, so these gotta go.



TS-7 - $25




This is a version of the TS9 made for the tonelock series. Has two modes (normal and hot). Dials pop out for adjustment and the recess back into the pedal so they don't get changed once you've set it how you like it. It's been used, there's scuffs and marks, but it still works just fine!




DE-7 - $50




This is a great little delay. It's got different modes (delay/echo) and is very versatile. This was my main delay unit for years. It has been used, so scuffs and marks come with the territory. The sticker on the back has been removed as well. Dials pop out for adjustment and the recess back into the pedal so they don't get changed once you've set it how you like it.



Boss BD2 - $65




An EXCELLENT pedal that I am rather sad to part with. I just don't use it enough. It is used, so scuffs and marks exist.




Korg Digital Rack Tuner w/rack - $150



I'm moving away from a rack setup, so have no need for the tuner or the rack. (the top unit in this picture is an Sennheiser Digitial 1000 wireless unit and is not included in the price, let me know if you are want it too and we can work out a good deal). It is incredibly accurate, very responsive and easy to use. Will come racked in the SKB rack case.




Danalectro French Toast - $25


(don't have a picture of my pedal.. looks like the one on musicians friend!)


This is an octave/distortion pedal. Great tones to play with. I never used this live, so it just sat on my desk while I fiddled with the settings. It will come with the clear knob-protector (not pictured).




Line 6 Floor POD - SOLD



Pretty straight forward little unit. USed for recording and that's about it. Will come in original box.




Shipping won't cost much.. so let me know if you are interested and we can work it all out! If you think my prices are too high, let me know as well.





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