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Kanji 9 NEW in BOX- Out of Production


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PRICE IS FRIM at $239-- add $10 shipping priority mail with insurance anywhere USA--- The last one sold on ebay for $259


This is the warmest, smoothest, most versatile Lovepedal Eternity Overdrive ever made, and in the opinion of many who know- THE BEST Eternity made to date.


Highly sought after, currently impossible to find anywhere, and out of stock everywhere. There is no news of any further anticipated production runs at this time, and is not available anywhere - new or used.


Andy Summer's swears by Lovepedals and the Eternity Overdrive (Guitar Player Magazine).


This is a new pedal in the box, no blemishes or marks, unused, ungigged, purchased for test and review only, kept in box, out of use, rubber feet included (optional).


This exclusive version of the Eternity Overdrive is known as the KANJI 9 because of the addition of the two three way toggle switches that allow for 3 tone positions, and 3 clipping selections- together giving the user 9 combinations of variations not found in the standard Kanji or Eternity overdrives.


Three knobs control Volume, Glass (high end), and Gain


Left toggle controls Tone- Slightly Warm Boost, Through-Tone, and Warm


Right toggle controls Clipping- Slight Clipping and Compression, No Clipping, and Moderate Clipping and Compression


The pedal allows for a clean boost (w/ single coils, very slight overdrive with humbuckers), to screaming sustained overdrive with tons of beautiful harmonics, and is an OUTSTANDING pedal for any type of music.


Allows the natural sound of your instrument to come through, unlike many other pedals, for a natural tube overdrive and crunch, or wind up full for a searing overdrive. Responds to your touch and guitar volume exactly like a tube amp.


Please see this page for demo: Kanji 9 Demo


Will retain its value over the years as a highly sought after guitar pedal. One of the best overdrive pedals I've ever come across in years and a pedal any player will come to LOVE.




Actual pedal shown.


Buy with confidence and contact me neil@neilslade.com for any questions regarding this pedal.



Neil Slade Music


100% ebay rated seller

International reputation www.NeilSlade.com just Google me, Neil Slade- you'll get a million links.



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