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Pedals for trade, EHX and Boss


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Thinking about changing my board a little and possibly trading some pedals I dont use much:


1) EHX Small Stone Nano Phaser - perfect condition with box




2) EHX Holy grail Plus - perfect condition with box






3) Boss CS3 compressor with Indy Guitarist mods - perfect condition with box






4) Morley Wah - Great shape




5) EHX Big Muff - Great shape. Not sure i want to trade this, but i dont turn it on very often, I dont use a lot of dirt and the big muff is a bit aggressive for me






Open to trades for different things (EHX pedals prefered, nearly everything on my board is EHX now)


I am most inrested in trades for a different reverb pedal, delay pedal, a volume pedal (or something that can do volume swell sounds).....those are some ideas, but if you have something else in mind feel free to offer.

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Is that a no on the small stone?


Not a no, but I want to see what other offers i get. I would like a memory toy.



Also, just throwing this out there.....I will trade my whole board for a M13 (but would perfer a local trade for this) (whole board includes - boss tu-2 tuner - modded boss cs-3 comp - EHX graphic fuzz - EHX big muff - EHX nano phaser - EHX Wiggler - EHX Holy grail plus - Rocktron HUSH)

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