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FS/FT: Cheap Pedals


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Need to Sell! Have a baby on the way and need the money!


Digitech HotRod Distortion - $25

Danolectro Cool Cat Drive v1(modded by Nick Greer, added lo/hi toggle closer OCD spec)

Behringer Vintage Distortion(Big Muff Clone) - $20

Behringer Cromatic Tuner - $20






Behringer HellBaby Wah - SOLD

EHX Holy Stain - SOLD

Digitech Hardwire CM-2 - SOLD

Behringer Echo Machine(Echo Park Clone) - SOLD

MXR Dyna Comp - SOLD

Biyang OD-8 w/ JRC4558chip(TS clone) - SOLD

OneSpots w/ daisy chains - SOLD

OneSpots w/ daisy chains - SOLD

Behringer Harmonist - SOLD

Belcat Phaser - $25 SOLD

EHX Big Muff Pi - SOLD

Fish n' Chips EQ - SOLD

Biyang BabyBoom Fuzz Star(between a FF & BM) - SOLD

Cool Cat Fuzz CF-1(Peach Fuzz Clone) - SOLD

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