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Feeler: Jazzmaster for Cab or Head or effects


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Not totally sure I wanna trade this, so this is just a feeler for now...But I'm looking for either a loaded 212, or 412 cab...or a 100watt head...an I've got this warmoth parts Jazzmaster that I rarely use anymore....Its really beatup looking, but other than looking thrashed its a great guitar. Straight neck, lots of life in the frets...just dinged, scratched, chipped, and basically really really 'reliced' looking body.

Its got a 24 3/4" scale conversion neck, with the warmoth 'standard thin' profile, and compound radius. Maple/rosewood, jumbo frets, bone nut, fender branded tuners (from a usa strat if I remember correctly), pearl dot inlays. Body is swamp ash with the universal route, tunomatic bridge (rather than JM style), jazzmaster trem, a duncan 59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge.























That thing on the fore arm contour, Thats drawn on the bare wood, sorry...Its sharpie though, so I'm sure nail polish remover would take it off....


I'm basically just looking to get a cab, or head for it, but would also consider pedals (or a combo of stuff)....I'd be wanting either a 212 with celestion Classic Lead 80's, V30's, Eminence Swamp Thangs, EVM12Ls, Emience Common wealth's, but I'm not too picky (I just need high power handling and something with good low end mostly)...or a 412 with the same (or combo of)....or some sorta 100+watt Head (tube prefered but might consider a really kool SS head no Marshall MG's or other similar garbage though)....I might be interested in other stuff, I dunno...at this point I'm not sure whether theres much point in even trying to trade this thing...so feel free to hit me up with whatever offers ya got.

I'd trade straight up for a Peavey Windsor (head and cab), Valve King, Vox AC100CHP (or maybe the AC50 head), Marshall MA100H, Bugera 1960 or 1990, or they're SVT clone...Also consider Certain Bass Amps, and Old Kustom Tuck'n'roll SS heads, an avatar 212 or other 212 with Classic Lead 80's (or swampthangs, EVM12L's, or Eminence Common wealth)...etc....Would also consider trading for Some Kick ass pedals.


P.s. Yes, those are star wars sheets...and Yes, I am a full grown man. haha.

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anything in my sig grab you? definitely interested, what kind of pickups does it have?



The Whammy and the MXR Fuzz interest me. But I dunno that I'd do a straight trade for those two....As for pickups the JM has a duncan 59 in the neck, and a double screw JB in the bridge (i.e. Both Coils have adjustment screws...less magnetic pull, and less Icepick).

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