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Duncan Twin Tube, 80's Rat, other random crap


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Shown in pic below:


Duncan Twin Tube Classic $110. Includes wonky (by wonky I mean odd voltage, it works perfectly fine :)) 16v proprietary power supply and original box.


80' Rat- Still for sale, $125


Older Crybaby- I have no idea of the year, but it has the 1/8" power supply input instead of the barrel connector. I'll include the adapter that came with my One-spot if you like. $40


Line 6 M9- GONE





*Not pictured*

Digitech Bass Synth Wah- Sounds great on bass, but also a nice auto-wah and octave down for guitar. $35


Boss A/B pedal- GONE


Squier P Bass pickup $10



All prices Paypaled and shipped CONUS.


Trade bait could include- Sans Amp Character series Blonde, Line 6 M13, Possibly GT series multi FX.

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