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FS/FT Bass MicroSynth, Maxon FL9 flanger, SnarlingDogs Bootzilla wah + more


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for sale or trade:


ElectroHarmonix Bass MicroSynth: $190 obo

up octave, down octave, fuzz, & envelope filter all in one!

hole drilled in back plate to access internal gain trim pot without having to open casing, saves alot of time adjusting this pedal to instruments of different output levels. velcro on bottom.


ElectroHarmonix Steel Leather Bass Attack Expander: $45 obo

upper-mids eq boost


Maxon FL9 Flanger: $200 obo

very natural sounding (read: non-extreme) flanger.

flanger controls: speed, width, regen (intensity), delay time (frequency)


Snarling Dogs Bootzilla wah w/fuzz: $90 obo

fuzz and wah in one!

fuzz controls: volume, intensity, hi or lo tone switch

wah controls: volume, filter types hi-pass, lo-pass, & band-pass, plus expression pedal



the following pedals I'm still using and will only consider trades for:


Visual Sound H2O chorus/echo:

chorus and delay in one. In-case you haven't heard, the chorus is super lush :cool:


Keeley C4 four knob compressor:

absolutely amazing compressor on guitar, but there are a few better choices out there for bass guitar so this one can be sent to someone who can put it to better use. like to trade for a MultiComp or CP9pro+



I'm currently interested in trades for other octavers, envelope filters, ring modulators, or bass preamps.


specifically I'm looking for:


Aguilar Tone Hammer

Aguilar Octamizer

Tech21 Sansamp BDDI or PBDDI

MXR M80 Bass DI

EBS MultiComp


EBS OctaBass

ElectroHarmonix Micro POG

Maxon CP9 pro+

Maxon AF9 autofilter

Moog MF101 low pass filter

Moog MF102 ring modulator

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