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FT: Mid-Fi Glitch Computer


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Mid-Fi Glitch Computer

excellent condition, works perfectly




Will trade for (+/- cash as necessary):


Malekko Omnicron Fuzz or Phaser

Lovepedal Pickle Vibe or Echo Baby

Tech 21 Liverpool or Blonde

Catalinbread SFT, WIIO, or Serrano Picoso

Xotic BB+ or BB MB

Cusack Screamer Fuzz

Mid-Fi Clari-Not

Trombetta Mini-Bone

Vexter Fuzz Factory, Distortron

Seppuku Digital Pitch Modulator

Prescription Electronics Depth Charge

Wounded Paw Attack Goat or Battering Ram

Devi Bit Mangler

Lollar or Fralin humbuckers

Gibson Classic 57 Humbuckers



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