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FS: EHX Polychorus, PT-Pro


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Ok, so I never use my board anymore and I'm going to sell off the stuff I won't miss. I'll keep a few things I still love and would need in the future. Really only looking for cash sales since I'm trying to buy a new motorcycle.


For sale:

EHX Polychorus: Amazing analog chorus. My first EHX pedal and it was a crucial part of my sound. 160 shipped with power supply



Pedaltrain PT-PRO pedalboard Biggest pedalboard Pedaltrain offers. This will come with its soft case. Its got high quality velcro on it, minor scratches overall. In good durable condition. Used, but not abused. I mean, its a pedalboard. You put it on the ground and step on it! Sell for 115+shipp



The submarine, phaser, fuzz and tuner and Micro POG are not for sale. Everything else is already gone or spoken for, if not listed here.

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