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FT: Catalinbread DLS (Dirty Little Secret) v2

delayed delay

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SOLD!! :thu:


Yup.. you know it.


I freaking love this pedal, but I really just need a treble/solo booster right now.


Mint condition... 2 strips of heavy duty black velcro on bottom. No cosmetic flaws at all.


Srsly... the DLS rocks/rawks (pun intended)... very gritty, tight, Marshall-in-a-box and so much more. It's impossible to get a bad sound out of this awesome blue box; from low gain to high gain to everything inbetween, the tone is just plain awesome. Looking for something just to color your tone a bit? Look no further... this is THE pedal... I just don't need it for that right now.


Trades I'm looking for:

treble boosters - Keeley Java Boost, etc...

variable/multi-shaping EQ pedals - CBread Varioboost, Empress Para EQ, etc...

Lovepedal PickleVibe

Malekko Vibrato (the mini one :lol:)

Blackout Effectors Whetstone

Empress Tremolo


That's about all I can think of... pretty much closed off to anything else...







FS: $140 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd :thu:

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...and i'll make the price lower than whatever he offers.


SCREW YOU BILL COSBY!!! You and your whole sitcom family!! But not your real one.... because that would be heartless of me to say something like that about your real family... so yeah... just your sitcom family.:lol:


Mine sold already... :lol:... so you can go shove a jagged, rusty nail up your tailpipe.


jk... I would've preferred the pink. :thu:

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