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Electric Mistress, Boss EQ-20, other pedals.


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I have a boss EQ-20 for sale. Really great EQ pedal that lets you save several eq settings (8 I think) into it's memory bank. You can then switch between a saved one and a manual one.


Then I have a 90s Deluxe Electric Mistress. This one has the built in power cord.


I also have an Ernie Ball Volume pedal, one of the older ones that were made before the tuner outs. Pot is not scratchy at all, just got a new string.


No pics right now, but I can upload some this week.


EQ-20 - 130 shipped CONUS.

DEM - 125 shipped CONUS.

EB - 65 shipped CONUS.


I may entertain trade offers. No boosts, ODs, or fuzzes. Got plenty of dirtboxes, haha.

Maybe looking for a Whammy.


PM me if you are interested and leave a reply here. :)

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