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FS/T: Wattson Super Fuzz


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FS/T: Wattson Super Fuzz




I know im going to regret getting rid of this thing, but i dont use it at all, so it has to go. Got this off a fellow forum member a few months ago, its a kick ass fuzz. this thing is mint! no scratches or scuffs. extra mojo with the old 'SuperFuzz' logo instead of the current 'Fuzz' Logo.


Really only looking to trade toward the following things right now:


ZVex Wooly Mammoth

Moog Ring Mod

Fender Tube Reverb Unit

Malekko 616

Fulltone '69

Deluxe Memory Man

MJM London Fuzz



If you have any questions, or trade offers feel free to PM Me!

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