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Unloading Pedalboard


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Ok, I'm in desperate need of money. Being jobless for all intents and purposes has put me in the position where I need to unload basically all my pedals and strip down to free up some cash.


Please feel free to make me an offer on anything. I'm in such need that I may just take anything at this point. Ok, maybe not anything ;-).


All pedals have velcro on the bottom. Add $5 to the pedal for shipping.


Budda Bud-Wah. $110




Barber Tone Press. $110




Zeek Overdrive. $70




KMD Analog Delay. Amazing sounding delay. Tone knob effects signal when pedal is off though. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or not honestly. $140




Line 6 M13. I realllly hate to let this go. $370




Ernie Ball VP. I used this as an Expression Pedal for the M13. $75




If someone wants to buy the Ernie Ball and M13 together I'll do them for $430.


Thanks everyone!


The only trades I'll consider are for a decent delay pedal, especially the EH Deluxe Memory Boy. Or possibly a boost pedal.


Please help a brother out and buy this stuff!

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