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$200 in the paypal...


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So I just sold off a few of my pedals to fund a new purchase. Convince me that I dont want to buy a nova mod, or give me a great deal on a nova mod! And please guys, don't try and scam me with a too high price, I am well aware of values of pedals used and new!


If not the nova mod, I would be looking for:

Tremelo with tap tempo (tap a whirl, empress trem, etc)

Phaser with tap tempo (are there any others besides the tap a phase?)

A solid boutique or non boutique OD- (keeley/analogman modded, fulltone, DLS, Tim/Timmy? etc...)

RC-2 Looper

Pitch shifter?



If you can give me a deal for 2 pedals from any two of these categories I will (obviously) be much more likely to pull the trigger...and FAST! :thu:


Not looking for:


Delay (my dd-20 covers my needs)






Lets hear some offers (pics and prices please!!) PM or email awscheibe@wowway.com

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I have a T-A-P available, but there are a few big problems...it has barely been touched (never on a board, no velcro, never even stepped on, engaged by hand only), so it's in absolute pristine condition w/box & instructions & also that it's a Donnerbox model w/multi-colored sparkle lettering.

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