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Catalinbread, Boss, EHX, etc...


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So I'm tired of these guys just sitting around and taking up space

These are fair game to all (buyers and traders)


I don't use paypal anymore so if your buying I will accept postal moneyorders or just cash in an envelope (if for some reason you would rather want to do that?)


Multiples, trades+cash etc.. I'm open to anything and am pretty easy to make deals with as long as everything is fair for both sides.




Catalinbread Heliotrope- 130.00 Mint! (Velcro on the back)

Boss EQ20- 150.00 VGC! Looks and works perfectly

Boss CH1- 50.00 VGC

EHX BigMuff TW- 55.00 VGC

Visual Sound Rt66- 75.00, missing battery hatch but works perfect

Wilson Dual Compressor, I have no idea what its worth on the market but its personally worth alot to me. Offer prices or trades



I'm interested in:

Jerry Cantrell Wah

Emma Reeza

EHX Graphic Fuzz

Gristle King


Something else? Just try me!

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