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WTT Boss RE-20 for DD-20, TR-2 for EHX Pulsar, Etc...


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Hey, so like the title says...I'm looking to trade a few pedals.


Boss RE-20 (TRADED)"space echo" Based on the old Roland space echo tape delay units, sounds really really kool....I actually love the sound of the pedal, but need a better tap tempo feature for the stuff I'm doing. I need the sub-divisions that the DD-20 does. The RE-20 is in great shape, has velcro on the bottom (I'll include the rubber pads that I pulled off), but is in great shape other than that.


Boss TR-2...everyone knows what this is, and what it does, not really any explaination needed. Its one of the newer ones with the trim pot on the board and the volume drop fixed (trim pot lets you adjust volume if ya want). Its in good close to new shape, one tiny scratch in the paint on the side, and velcro on the bottom (still has rubber pad on the bottom). Other than that, perfect, and works exactly as it should. I'm looking to trade it for an EHX Pulsar Stereo Tremolo, mostly cause I'd like to get more true bypass on my board than I have right now, and the stereo feature seems kool, but also cause I get a tiny amount of clock noise in my signal with the TR-2 off cause I'm useing a 1spot. Thats pretty much it, sorta dumb, no one else even hears the clock noise, but I do and it annoys me...so there fore, looking to trade.


Also got an MT-2, Digitech turbo flange, DS-1, and old DOD Grunge (with battery door!) I'm looking to trade being as I never use them.....For any of those (or a combo of a couple) I'm looking for Fuzz pedals, a boss SYB-3 or 5, an EHX Memory Toy, a Strat neck (70's head stock prefered, Squire is fine by me), and a matched pair of 6L6's....but I'm open to other stuff....PM me with offers or questions. Thanks.

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