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Pedals FS/T - Line6 DL-4, Boss DD-20, Boss Expression Pedal, EH Holy Grail etc...


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I have a few pedals for sale or trade


Line6 DL-4 (w/ power supply)

165 shipped


Boss DD-20



Electro Harmonix Holy Grail (w/ power supply)



Boss EV-10 expression Pedal

40 shipped


Line6 Tap Tremolo/Pan pedal

80 shipped


Things i am interested in

Line6 M9

Line6 M13

Ernie Ball 25k Volume pedal (x2)

Electro Harmonix Pog (1 or 2, not interested in micro pog)

Blackstar HT-Dual

Zvex SHO

and i am open to other offers as well


if you have any questions feel free to post them up or PM




i have a lot of feedback and references from ebay and other forums i can send you if you like, just ask

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your dl4 for the mxr and some cash



i havent had the chance to play one yet, let me get to my local music store and mess around a bit so i can make a more informed decision

then ill get back with ya

sound cool?

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