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got some pedals you're not using, see anything you like... hit me up...





Dano Surf n' Turf compressor. Line 6 Tonecore with Crunchtone Module. Dano Pastrami OD





Dano Daddy O OD. Dano T-Bone Distortion. Dano CC Fuzz V1





Dano Hash Browns Flanger. Dano Corned Beef Reverb. Dano BLT Slap Back Echo. Dano Pepperoni Phaser.


all pedals are in 100% working condition, the Dano minis are pretty rough cosmetiacly. the Line 6 is a Tonrcore dock with a Crunchtone mdule, modules can be swapped out for different effects. i'm not really itching to get rid of the Daddy o, Pastrami, or CC Fuzz, but ya' never know...


i'm really looking for a decent distortion and or chorus... but i'd be interested in about anything...

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