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timmy, barber, Ehx, fromel and more!


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3XFX V1 Buzz Bomb

Paul C. Timmy

Barber LTD

Boss CH1

Visual Sound Rt66 V1

Bardel Foxy Face Fuzz (plain white, purple led)


Fromel Shape EQ

Line6 DL-4


All are in great condition (Rt66 is missing the battery latch) and work perfectly

I'm going to keep the barber or timmy (whichever one I'm left with)


Just looking for trades at the moment, unless you offer a cash price I'd be stupid to turn down


I'm open to all offers so let me know what you got. Persuade me!


A few things I'm interested in but definitely not limited too

Ernie Ball VP jr. (Really need!)

TC Nova Delay

Xt or X3 live

Pedaltrain Pt1 HC

Dmb Lunar Echo

Ehx Graphic Fuzz

Jerry Cantrell Wah


Anything else?

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I still have that psilcybe pedal you wanted. Can we work something out for the DL-4?



The DL4 is pending a local trade




C'mon guys I'm really wanting to move these fuzz boxes. I thought Fuzz was pretty popular around here?


Give me some offers

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