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Tech 21 VT Bass + Fulltone Bass Drive


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Up for sale are two great pedals I am only getting rid of because I now have one pedal that is a preamp and boost in one. Prices on these are firm and cash-only.


Tech 21 VT Bass: bassists love this thing (try searching it on talkbass.com). It is a preamp pedal capable of driving a power amp on its own. While it is capable of functioning as a dirt box, I wouldn't recommend it, because part of what the VT does is emulate classic Ampeg bass amp and speaker combinations. If you're going for an Ampeg tone, though, and you don't feel like carrying one around (or paying for one!) the VT might be for you.


Fulltone Bass Drive (mosfet): very versatile bass overdrive pedal. I use it in "Comp Cut" mode, which gives you a clean boost when the first switch is engaged, and then a dirty boost when the 2nd is engaged. If you have big feet like mine, you can hit both switches at once and go straight to clipped dirtiness. It's Fulltone so you know it's quality, and won't alter the tone of your rig.


The VT is going for $100; the Bass Drive for $120. Take both together for $200. I can deliver within Chicago.

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