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FS: EHX Deluxe Memory Boy, EHX VERY Modded Big Muff


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Two pedals for sale.


Deluxe Memory Boy w/box, papers, power supply - $old

I can get my M9 to sound identical so there's absolutely no reason to own it.


Heavily Modded EHX Big Muff w/power supply - $100 Shipped/PP'd

Middle footswitch is bypass, left footswitch is an oscillation switch, right momentary switch does a glitchy octave down when pressed. I'm not really sure what the other 3 way switch does exactly, but it sounds massively different in every setting. It's awesome and sounds good, but I am knee deep in muffs right now and currently my Ronsound is kickin every other muffs ass.


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Sorry brobro. It sold the day I posted it up. It seems like there are lots of dudes on tgp getting rid of theirs.


orly? I didn't see that and I was just there :confused:


On my way to TGP!


EDIT: may have found one.


Waiting on a PM :thu:

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