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FS: Blackout Effectors, Dr. Scientist, Devi Ever

The Stanimal

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I'm over at ilovefuzz a lot (hence why i am selling ILF represented pedals) but i'm saving up for a new guitar and need to unload some of my precious kit... all prices shipped CONUS....


thanks for looking, PM me if you want more info/details...




Blackout Effectors Twosome MODIFIED

$260 This is modified by me for independent stackable fuzz love and also in a one off limited paint scheme... truly one of a kind




DE Hyperion NOW WITH MOAR TONES (NWMT version)

$90 has four switches creating all sorts of 33/DB/Hype insanity and actually gets some amazing Overdrive tones when you dial down the volume on your guitar... OH, and the switches are socketed which means you could open it up and mix and match and swap components to tailor the tones to your liking...




Dr. Scientist Sunny Day Delay

$200 an insanely low price for this epic delay, i have delay overload on my board and the only reason why i'm selling this is because it's the only one i have that could command such a price.....


Hit me up if you are wanting any of these bad boys

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