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FS: Menatone Wreck't, EQD Tone Reaper, Sitori Sonics Brownies + Cream


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Prices are Paypal (gift option please) including shipping. I have the boxes for all of these except the Brownies and Cream. All pedals are in perfect shape with no velcro.


Menatone Wreck't / Wreckt - $220


Sitori Sonics Brownies and Cream - $115 - Fat Marshall-y tones with smooth high-end.






Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper - TRADED

MJM London Fuzz - SOLD

Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso - SOLD




I'm open to trades if you think you got something real good, but some things I've been considering lately...

Vexter Fuzz Factory

Skin Pimp MKIII (maybe Buzzaround)

analog delay or modulated delay

Gibson Echoplex (got one for sale?)

Algal Bloom XS

Jaguar or Strat neck

maybe some sort of compressor

mild tube-like overdrive?

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