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PRICE DROPS! HAO Rumble Mod, Keeley Java, 10th Anniv. Full-Drive 2, CTO-1, Zvex


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Teese RMC 2 Wah, great condition with original box (box is a little beat but wah is NOT!) - not the new blue one but the old gray one - this one won my Wah Shootout several months back, with all great tones but especially because of the on-the-fly tweakability of it - knobs for volume, Q, and a 5 way switch for sweep range. Only reason I'm selling it is I got a new Silvermachine, which doesn't sound as good but has the "instant on" capability that I always wanted. These go new for $245, mine is $160 shipped (heavy sucker, $10 to ship).


HAO Rumble Mod, very good condition with just a few paint flecks, velcro no box, the original Rockin Robin Music price sticker on the front which says $249, get this for $140 shipped


Keeley Java Boost, as new in box with all stuff, sells new for $229, this one's $145 shipped


10th Anniversary Handwired Fulltone Full-Drive 2, the red one, mint condition no box, $165 shipped


Danelectro Transparent Overdrive CTO-1, brand new in box with everything, used once in my home, this is the one they had to discontinue as it was apparently a direct ripoff of the Timmy, I A/B'd it with my Tim, and no, it's not the same pedal, but it's more than excellent for the money, $45 shipped to recoup my costs for a new pedal. $45 shipped


Zvex Distortron, excellent condition with velcro and original box, this is the Box of Rock engine with no boost side but a very helpful 3 toggle which controls bass levels, a problem to many for the Box of Rock. Marshall in a box, very tweakable, all usable tones, killer value pedal, $115 shipped


Do some combinations and I'll knock a bit off.


Price requires costless "Payment Owed" paypal or you cover the 3%.


I'm looking for cash but I'll always consider trades of sellable pedals - nothing too esoteric or home made though, thanks.


Please consider emailing me direct to philip.rosenfeld@frostbank.com, include your name and screen name when you email please!



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