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Buy these before I Change My Mind!


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Ok guys, as much as I love pedals I've decided to keep the bare essentials and sell the rest in an attempt to actually become more focused on my playing than just getting cool tones.

Everything is in great condition and works perfectly



Trade offers will be entertained but it will have to be something really interesting to persuade me.


Ehx POG- 200.00 (1st version)

Line6 DL4- 175.00

Dimebag Crybaby- 110.00

VS Rt66- 50.00 (V1) GONE

Ehx LPB1- 25.00 GONE

Ehx black russian muff- 35.00

Digitech Whammy- 125.00

Fromel Shape EQ- 130.00

Barber LTD- 85.00

Bardel Foxy Face- 55.00 GONE

Boss NS2- 55.00 GONE

Digitech JamMan- 175.00

3XFX V1 Buzz Bomb- 110.00 GONE

Line6 Spider3 15- 50.00 GONE

98' ESP Eclipse (NOT Ltd) hand signed by George Lynch and lots of upgrades- 850.00


More stuff may be to come!


May trade for a PT mini or PT Jr w/HC or a small compact (great sounding) analog delay. No carbon copies though. That's what I'm using now so I don't need another one. I'm interested in the Malekko stuff but if you've got something let me know


If you want pics email me Pinhead1634@aol.com

All prices are shipped. Usps priority w/delivery confirmation

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