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Whammy WH-1, ADA, Catalinbread, ZVEX, SKB Pedalboard, and more


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Whammy WH-1- $550 shipped

- Vintage WH-1 Whammy in very good condition.. The reissue can't come close!



ADA Flanger- $280 shipped

-Early 90's version... The best flanger I have ever heard!! In excellent shape



Catalinbread Semaphore Tremolo- $170 shipped

-Like new, easily the best sounding tremolo pedal I have ever used. No volume drop, true bypass, and great tone!



Zvex Seek Wah- $280 shipped

-Contains a 60's wah pedal inductor controlled by an analog sequencer, with up to eight separate steps available, controlled by eight separate knobs.



Zvex Super Hard On - SHO- $175 shipped

-Great transparent boost pedal, styled after classic 60's recording console inputs. Also can be used as an "always on" preamp to add some tone to your guitarass without distortion.



SKB PS15 Powered Pedalboard- $120 shipped

-Like new SKB pedal board with built in power supply. Comes with the heavy duty nylon bag and all the adapters. You can power 6 pedals, or more with a daisy chain (ie: Boss TU-2)



DOD 670 Flanger- $130 shipped

-This pedal is from the late 70's or early 80's. Great thick analog sound!



CelestionwharfedaleVox 30 Watt speaker - $38 shipped

-This is mint condition speaker, 30 Watts, 16 ohms



DOD 575 Flanger- $60 shipped

-80's flanger with the SAD chip, sounds really good!



I take Pay Pal, will ship international and NYC meetups are an option too.

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