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Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai. Like New in the box! Only $170 shipped!


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I have a like new, in the box, Electro Harmonix Memory Man W/ Hazarai. A fantastic (and very versatile) delay pedal with echo, multi-tap, reverse, looping, and even user definable presets. This is my personal favorite delay pedal (I have a second one on my own personal board)... Period! If you havent tried one, Youtube it for some GREAT demos. This also comes with the box and instructions. These usually run about $180 cash in like new used condition (after shipping) on Ebay. I'm only asking $170 cash (ppl gift/shpd) or about $180 or so in trade.


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Will consider trades for:


- Boutique Pedals (and $$$ if warranted)

- an Ibanez WH-10 (and $100 cash or trade)

- Other cool Wahs (and $$ if warranted)

- MIM Fender Strats or Teles

- What else ya got?

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