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FS: 70s MXR Blue Box, Modded SD1, TS808 and more


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Cleaning out my collection of pedals. Paypal works just fine. Prices include shipping to anywhere in US. If you want to pick up locally, I am here in Atlanta, ga.


MXR Blue Box - $100

Dated 1978 per the date code on the pots, per analogman's site. 1377801 - 137=CTS, 78=1978 01=Week 1





DOD Grunge - $40

not Digitech version, modded to guitar/bass fuzz, infinite sustain




Boss SD-1 - $55

Modified by to have more output, bigger sounding, and more tube sounding crunch




EH Mole Bass Boost NEW - SOLD

Mojo TS808 - SOLD

Dunlop GCB-95 Limited Edition Pink NEW - SOLD

Humphrey Audio Badder Bass Monkey - SOLD

Pile Driver Boost - SOLD


If you have any questions please feel free to ask or email me at steve@thevintagesound.com

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