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MANY pedals - Gjika, Fulltone, EH HOG, Keeley-modded Delay, Harmonic Percolator


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A few pedals for sale. Would prefer to sell, but might consider rack preamps in trade. I can add cash if needed. Prices below are including shipping & Paypal fees. Email me - jlavely AT ghf DOT net


Gjika Mini-Amp - Killer pedal for making your Plexi or similar amp sound like it is dimed. Uses EL84 tubes to accomplish what normal pedals have only dreamed of! Search this site and you will find lots of great reviews. I don't think this is being produced any longer, which is a shame. $600






Fulltone OCD, Version 1 - Brand new condition, purchased new, serial number is under 200, made 2/17/05. $175





Electro Harmonix Harmonic Octave Generator, Controller Pedal and Expression Pedal - Crazy, crazy, crazy box! Bought this thinking I could be Adrian Belew, but apparently it's not in me. This is the full package - the main pedal, the secondary controller and the expression pedal - all in brand new condition with original paperwork (look at the pics!!), barely used at home only. $530 shipped w/Paypal payment, $515 shipped w/money order.





Keeley-modded DD-3 Delay - Purchased directly from Keeley already modded, box & paperwork included, in brand new condition (check out the pics!). These are $209 new, mine is $170





Harmonic Percolator Clone - do some searching on what an original Harmonic Percolator can do - you will find it is an intriguing take on a different type of distortion device. This is a dead-on clone of the original. $150



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