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Too many dirt boxes! Catalinbread, Wampler and more!


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Hey everyone, I'm thinning out my pedal collection, i've got way too many dirt boxes. All are in mint or very near mint condition and work great! All prices include Priority Mail USPS shipping!


Wampler Cranked AC: TRADED (CON US, +$5 for Canada)





Catalinbread WIIO (v.2): SOLD (CON US, extra for Canada)





Baja Tech Bone Bender ON HOLD UNTIL 7/5, PENDING SALE (Vox ToneBender, Mick Ronson style fuzz, original version before they went to the 3 knob, excellent pedal & excellent company!): $75 Shipped (CON US, +$5 for Canada)





Line 6 PODxt - SOLD (in excellent condition, power supply, original software disc, manual and box included): $105 Shipped (CON US, +$10 for Canada)







Open to trading for: Janglebox Silver or USA made, EHX re-issue Small Stone Phaser with true bypass. I'm always on the lookout for small vintage amps. If you've got some old Gibson, Epiphone, Valco, Silvertone Amp, I'd be willing to trade you a pedal + cash.


PM me if you want to buy or want to offer me a trade. Thanks!

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Man, if I could sell a pedal or two I'd be ALL over that Cranked AC.



Sell! Sell! Sell! Just kidding...


It is a great pedal, but I've got way too many dirt pedals. We A/B'd it with my friends AC30 (cranked of course) and they were remarkably similar. You could potentially run your AC30 clean and jangly and then stomp on this pedal to get your crunch tones.

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